About me.

Markel Knight BA (Hons) Birmingham, UK based Documentary photographer. Most of my works take part within the UK, and for most of my photographic expeditions I document the reminiscences of locations, and creating unusual scenarios.

Ongoing projects include; Destitute Residences, Disused Industries, and With Urban Explorers. These projects started to mature after a period, which has given them the style that they have now. But I’m still in the process of developing and evolving the style of my photographic practice.

My most recent project has been documenting the locations of the homeless in Birmingham in a way that wouldn't exploit them and in hope that the images could eventually be used to raise awareness towards them. (Collaboration with The Big Issue).


  • Argentea Gallery Award- 2017

Collaborations & Commisions:

  • Argentea Gallery, Birmingham
  • Bromsgrove Standard
  • Toyo Tires
  • Legends Hair & Beauty, Redditch
  • Wella Professionals
  • The Big Issue
  • Longbridge Light Festival, Matthew Beckett
  • Jain Ashram
  • Graffiti Artist, Birmingham
  • Nikon
  • El-Monet
  • Hippodrome, Birmingham
  • Palace Theater, Bromsgrove
  • Ort Cafe, Birmingham
  • Off The Scale
  • Moseley Swimming Baths, Archived Images


  • Palace Theater- 2014
  • Artrix, Bromsgrove- 2015
  • Ort Cafe, Birmingham- 2016
  • A Game of Tones- 2016
  • Free Range, London- 2017
  • Argentea Gallery, Birmingham (Early 2018)


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Instagram: @MarkelKnight